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Drawing inspiration from the unique geographic location of San Diego and paying homage to the bond between the forces of nature, I work with the organic canvas that is wood and lend a physical embodiment to the purest forms of life; a spectacle of elements. I use chainsaws and other hand carving tools to create textures that represent fire and all of its warmth, water and the crests of waves that reveal a sign of friendship with the moon, air and the vitality to which we owe our every waking moment, and wind, which carries seasons to bring change. In an effort to incorporate history and tradition into my study of elements, I strive to go back to the primitive by exploring tribal themes and designs. Ultimately, what drives me as an artist and taking time to feel the joy in creating a natural and collective work that honors life at every level and not forgetting to bask in the freedom, the reverie, and the reciprocity of life and existence of this earth and all that it supports. 
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